Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Because I'm Older and I Have More Insurance" *

Okay, maybe I had one cup of coffee too many....

I knew a tree service would be arriving soon to 'trim' my beautiful Pin Oak in the front yard away from the power line. That's a good thing. I would be the first to complain if a storm took out a limb and we lost power. BUT, I have seen the work of these tree cutters and it's not pretty. We have a street nearby that is a main thoroughfare between two busy streets. I travel it often. The trees along that road have been made absolutely ugly by their 'trimming'. The limbs above the line are cut way back and they leave a limb underneath, it just looks awful.
So when the cutters started in on MY tree, I put on my clothes, (kinda hard to be effective in a ratty looking robe), and marched out there and gave them a piece of my mind. The poor clean-up guy got it first. He looked like a deer in the headlights when I started in on him. Then the guy in the cherry-picker-thing lowered himself down with his back to me, (probably because he was rolling his eyes thinking, "Great, another gray-haired hen whose feathers I have to smooth."). I let him have it too. I told him we have lived here 27 years and we love that tree and he better take special care trimming it. I was kinda surprised at myself! I've never done anything like that before! I felt like Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes, when she turns into her alter ego, Towanda! He let me rant and and nodded his head and assured me they would take care with the tree.
I don't know if my hissy fit made a difference. I do know that they stopped 'trimming' after that. And I think they were especially mindful of cleaning up my yard. I came in the house feeling empowered! Maybe I should blow up more often!
I have a special place in my heart for my trees. Check out my blog from September 11, 2010.
Don't mess with my trees!

*When two snippety young girls ace Towanda, aka Kathy Bates, out of a parking spot she had been waiting for, they laughingly tell her they are younger and quicker. She then rams their car with hers and takes the spot anyway. That's when she tells them off!
Thank goodness I wasn't driving!

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