Thursday, December 15, 2011


What an interesting few weeks I have had!

We FINALLY moved into our new house in Illinois.
While unpacking, I realized something was really wrong.
I wasn't feeling like I should.
I was extremely tired.
I even turned down invitations from Steve for dinner out
because I couldn't walk from the car to the table
without stopping several times to catch my breath!
Now you KNOW something was wrong with me.
So I found a doctor who told me I had congestive heart failure,
and I needed to get to the emergency room ASAP!
Once there, I was bombarded with all kinds of tests which confirmed her diagnosis.
I was admitted to the hospital and stayed five days while more tests were done,
including a heart cath.
They were suspecting a blocked artery.
Luckily, there wasn't one and my problem can be treated with
medication (lots), a low sodium diet (ugh),
and regular monitoring by my new best friends,
my family doctor and cardiac doctor.

It is such a blessing to feel good again.
I have taken it easy lately,
but also slowly putting my new home together.
My stamping 'studio' is coming together too.
I'm still missing things like my punches and designer paper.
I suspect they are outside in the garage underneath more boxes.
But for the first time in weeks,
I pulled out some stamps and paper and made some cards yesterday.
A little smile crept up on my face and I felt whole again.

I was sent so many beautiful cards.
In the next few days I hope to get them on my blog.
I am looking for the cord to download them from my camera!
Thanks for the good wishes and prayers.
I so appreciate them all.


  1. Wow - What an ordeal you have had. Glad to hear your CHF is treatable and I bet with some rest you will feel better in no time. Listen to your new friends and take it slow. Your loyal fans will be here when you are ready to stamp and blog again!!

  2. Oh Pam, I was wondering where you were. I kept checking your blog and just figured you were busy moving and unpacking. So glad to hear that you are okay and on the right track to getting healthy. Lots of hugs for you!!

  3. This must have been a nightmare for you! A scary one, too! Happy to hear you are doing so much better and the problem can be treated with medication and the dreaded low sodium diet. Listen to you BFF's and continue to get back to your old self again.

  4. So glad you're blogging again, Pam! I've missed seeing your cute, cute ideas, sister!


  5. I was wondering too! what happened to my sweet Pam? I had figured you were taking your time getting settled, and that was not the case at all.. Oh my dear friend I am glad to hear that you are going to be OK, and taking care to get healthy! LOVE YOU! :)