Monday, January 23, 2012

San Antonio Leadership 2012

I never miss an opportunity to visit my beloved Texas.
So when I heard that the Stampin' Up! Leadership Conference
was taking place in San Antonio,
I grabbed my suitcase.

When we weren't attending classes and demonstrations,
we were taking in the beautiful Riverwalk.
Our hotel and conference center are just to the right of this bend.

Cards, cards and more cards!
That is Penny and Kirsteen Gill on the left,
looking at a few cards hung on a little clothesline.
Sooo many ideas. Sooo little time.

How fun to take a leisurely boat ride on the Riverwalk.

Lots of pretty restaurants to choose from right on the water.

A little piece of Heaven.

I was so excited to attend the Manager's Reception.
This year it was a Chinese Acrobats show.
Everything was decorated so pretty.

Before the show, we had appetizers with an Asian theme.
Have you ever tried eating noodles with chopsticks?
It's an art,
especially when you are standing with a drink in your hand!

Shelli started the show with a bang on the gong!

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was so
enthralled with what those acrobats can do, that I completely forgot!

On one of our free nights, our group had dinner at
a fun Mexican restaurant called
Mi Tierra.
We had a blast. Here I am taking a picture of my sister, Penny and I.
I didn't realize she was giving me the bunny ears!

How lucky was I that my daughter, Kim, came by to join us?
She will NOT let me take a normal picture of her.
She's a stinker, but it was wonderful that I got to see her
for a while since she lives in Houston now.

We had some very special friends join us for dinner.
Above is Angie Juda,
AKA Chic'n Scratch.
She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

While Penny is working on her camera,
Dawn Olchefske, AKA DOstamping with Dawn,
is posing for me.
Another really nice lady.

I also got to spend time with one of my favorite bloggers,
Diana Gibbs, AKA Stamping with Di.
She had me laughing to tears.

This Leadership was so much fun
and I learned all kinds of things.
The people make it that much more memorable.

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