Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Nadi, Fiji, with my
sister, Penny Thomas. 
She is such a talented demonstrator with
Stampin' Up!
and earned the incentive trip there.
Her husband was unable to go,
so she asked me to travel with her. 
It took all of two seconds for me to
get YES! out of my mouth.
We had a wonderful, relaxing time together.
The place is unbelievably beautiful.
Every morning we would have breakfast while looking at this breathtaking scenery.
French-pressed coffee, pastries and flowers.
I could get used to this!
The view from our room.
Not bad, huh?
We took an excursion called
 Nadi Places and Faces.
One of our stops was a local vegetable market.
The colors of the unusual fruits and vegetables were


We were lucky to be able to visit an actual village. 
 I believe the name of it was Buda.
One thing we found was that the people all over Nadi
were so very friendly
They genuinely wanted us to enjoy our visit.
We did!

This is the house the chief of the village lived in. 

Another visit was to an orchid nursery originally started by
Raymond Burr of Perry Mason fame.
Since his death, it was turned over to the Fiji government.
It was unbelievable.


Back at the resort, we had to have the
obligatory drink with an umbrella!
We are in Paradise, of course!

Mountains and the South Pacific.
I know, we had it rough.
Thank you, Penny. 
You've given me something amazing.
It was a trip of a lifetime!




  1. OMG. Can I please have a framed print of the hammock for my office? LOVE it!!! And the one right below it is beautiful too. Mom, seriously...these photographs are AH-MAZING!!!