Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Stampin' Pal, Diane

Woo-Hoo! Goodies in the mail for me! I am part of a group of stampers called the TOPICS, and monthly we exchange 3-D stamped items. My Stampin' Pal is Diane Burns who lives in Katy, Texas. I was so tickled to open the envelope and see what she sent me. She put chocolate hearts into a nugget box she made and embellished with little punched hearts. I'm in love with the Scallop Trim Border!

That's not all! She made me the cutest bookmark THAT STAYS IN PLACE with magnets. You just wrap it over the top of the page and the two magnets grab. LOVE IT! Isn't that Sweet Pea paper adorable? I have to confess, Diane, that I saw this on your blog and did pirouettes of joy when I saw the initial 'P'! I was hoping it would make it's way up here! Thank you so much, I love them!

By the way, the book is 'Julie & Julia - My year of Cooking Dangerously'. I haven't seen the movie yet. I like to read the book first. So far it is hilarious.

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  1. You are welcome Pam. I just couldn't help myself and had to post the bookmark on my blog. I just love it! I have made 4 more for friends since. I have the movie Julie and Julia to watch but my husband doesn't want to watch it. Maybe tomorrow with my daughter before football. Thanks again for my gift. It is simply beautiful.