Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upsy Daisy Notebook

I love my little Notebook computer. Because it is small and compact, I can take it with me wherever I go. At first, Steve pooh-poohed the whole idea of such a small computer, trying to persuade me to get a larger one. Nope, I knew what I wanted! Once I had it, and he could see how convenient it was, he started making comments about how he might want to take it out of town when he goes on business. Uh-Oh! I knew how to fix that! I pulled out my PINK Upsy Daisy Decor Elements and applied them to the front. Now it is ALL mine! Plus, I think it looks really neat! So easy to use and so many possibilities. I have the Decor Elements word happiness, in white, on my wall in my stamping room. And that's just how I feel when I walk there.

1 comment:

  1. I have the white daises on mine. I love the way it looks. When I take a picture, I will send it to you.

    Hope your well. Happy Mother's Day!!