Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pieces of Heart Night Out

Last Tuesday night was our monthly Pieces of Heart Team night out.
It also was Kristine Thurber's birthday, so we had even more reason to get together
and celebrate.
Somebody let the cat out of the bag and told the wait-staff we had a birthday at our table.
I love this picture of Kristine. She is trying so hard not to rip that hat off.
Sorry Kristine. You just look so cute enduring that silly song and hat.
Every month we have a new challenge to meet.
This time Mary Ellen Cope gave us jumbo clothes pins to alter.
Not an easy task I might add.
The one above is Judy Sumner's.
Patty Schnell's
Mary Ellen Cope's
This entry is by none other than our Mascot, Don.
He didn't have a jumbo clothespin,
so he used a regular size one and turned it into a grasshopper!
It REALLY did look like one too!
He wanted everyone to know that he put it together in about 45 minutes,
just before they left for the restaurant.
Once again he is just showing off!
Next month a new challenge.
Tune in to see what Mascot Don comes up with then!

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  1. ooooh a great picture of me. ha ha ;) thanks!