Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm B-A-A-C-K-!

The theme for the Stampin' Up! convention this year is GROW!
That's the founder and our hero, Shelli Gardner, standing in front of the R.
She's getting things started in our first day, general session.
It was just awesome.
The kind that gives you goose bumps awesome!
(Click on any of the pictures for a closer look.)
This is my sister, Penny Thomas, beaming because she's just found out
she made Founder's Circle.....again!
She is proudly showing the very coveted purse
given to each Founder's Circle recipient.
Out of 50,000 demonstrators, Penny is ranked #41!
We are so proud of her.
She deserves all the perks that come with that distinction.
Have you ever heard of a "feeding frenzy'?
Well, this is a 'Memento Mall Frenzy'.
This is a 'store' where we demonstrators shop each year,
grabbing all kinds of SU logo stuff.
When the doors open, get out of our way!
The first night we had a party to get things rolling.
Since the theme is GROW,
we were encouraged to wear something pertaining to a growing garden.
And, of course, more likely than not,
you will find Garden Gnomes there!
They happened to be from Canada, but that's okay.
The very sweet lady in the middle is a demonstrator
from my neck of the woods,
Sally Nusbaum.
(Love her!)
The displays were over the top unbelievable.
This is my kind of ironing board!
Once you take advantage of the $99 STARTER KIT
(now through July 31),
you will receive
the kit to make this adorable Christmas box.
Come on, get one!
We can make it together!
Besides having award-receiver-Penny in our group,
we had an Artisan Award winner too!
Heather Klump was one of just a handful
to receive that award.
Her work is unbelievable, She is one of the funniest,
sweetest ladies you will ever meet.
We stared addressing her as Heather Klump...Artisan.
Here she is giving me a raspberry.
To her left is Julie Kasper, (love her!)
and barely visible in yellow is Vicki Skillman (sweetheart!).

Suffice it to say, I had so much fun and laughed until I cried.
(Note to self...next year bring along some Depends!)
Seeing old friends and making new ones.
(Hello Nicole and Nicole and Wendy!)
Sharing and hugging.
It just fills me up and inspires me.

Thank you Stampin' Up!
You have added so much to my life.

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  1. I didn't realize I was a celebrity but I think the gnomes are probably the highlight of the photo! What a great convention and I now have more to add to my "Celebrity Sighting" List. Pam D'Urso and Penny Thomas. Love you!