Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Answering the Stampin' Up! Challenge!

As part of a challenge from them, I have been asked to tell my Stampin' Up! story. I think most of you know how much I love what I do, but you may not know how I got started.

My sister, Penny, is a demonstrator. Back then, she would call and tell me what she was learning and making. She told me I needed to become a demonstrator too. She kept trying to get me interested. I resisted. So, she started sending me little 3-D projects and cute cards in the mail. I was intrigued...but still resisted. Then, she started sending me stamp sets and ink pads. Hmmmmm. (She plays hard-ball!) Pretty soon I was stamping with them and sending her cards. I was having fun! One day, it just made sense to become a demonstrator and I shocked her when I told her "I want to do this!" When she picked herself up off the floor, I told her "I am only doing this for the discount". (Yes, you get a DISCOUNT for having fun!) That satisfied me ~ for a while. But, Penny lives in Texas, and I couldn't show her the cute things I was making. I started fantasizing about stopping cars coming down my street to show them what I had made! That's when I decided I needed to have a Stamp Camp so I can show others the cute things they can do with Stampin' Up! products. At my first camp, I had two people...my daughter and her friend. My next camp, I had three people...my daughter, her friend and her friend's mother. I was off and running! That was about five years ago! I have not regretted a single day and love every minute. It just makes me so happy to get up every morning with the realization that I can, once again, create and share what I do with others who love it too! Stampers are a special group and I love being with them.

If you would like to bring this kind of fulfillment to your life, I would love to talk to you. You can become a part of my group, The Pieces of Heart Stampers, for 15% off the regular starter kit price until the end of March! Plus, Stampin' Up! will throw in a stamp set of your choice of $47.95 or less, for FREE!

LET'S TALK! pamdurso@sbcglobal.net

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  1. LOL, Pam. I think we all still fantasize (and are quite tempted) to stop cars going by to show them the coolest card ever made! I know my poor husband probably wishes I would chase down the unsuspecting passing motorist every now and then.