Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not Quite a Pot 'O Gold But Cute None the Less

I have no idea who originally came up with this variation of a box. I have used this pattern so many times and it never occurred to me to use it this way. The points in the center were to be taped down inside for a nice little cube. But some clever person went 'outside the box' (sorry I couldn't resist that pun!) and came up with a basket. So, of course, I have to jump on board and make it a St. Pat's basket. The dimensions I used were 8 1/4" x 8 1/4", scored at 2 3/4" on all four sides. Score each corner square diagonally in the center stopping at the center square. Then simply fold on scored lines.

I wanted to place a shamrock on the panel, but didn't have a stamp that big. So...I pulled out my nifty new Small Heart Punch, from the Occasions Mini catalog, and made my own!

You can see how the points come together in the center. I punched a small hole in each one and threaded the ribbon through and tied with a bow. Now each little compartment is ready to fill with 'gold' or chocolate...same difference!

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  1. Pam, thank you so much for this cute little gift. I have never made one, but I will have to try as it is perfect for giving! I love how you made the clover from the new mini heart punch. That was clever. Did you make your own crinkled paper for inside? I told Penny the other day that I can tell you are both a lot alike. You both have qualities I admire such as thoughtfulness and are just special friends. Thanks again, I have enjoyed being your stampin' buddy!