Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy April Stamp Campers!

Are these happy campers or what? From left is Cathy, center, Sara, and at right is Donna. The camps are just not the same if these ladies can't attend! They make it such fun for me.
More happy campers, even though they are very serious at the moment. Making cards is very serious business! Bottom left is Dulce, then Lynn, and at top is Phyllis, and Ruth at right. I love these ladies because they keep me on my toes. Ruth is famous for helping me out of a jam when I make a mistake. She is so sweet to tell everyone I did that on purpose so they won't do the same! Love that!

Caught Josh concentrating. That's hard to do in that seat...notice the food just over her shoulder?

Sweet, sweet ladies. I feel like they are just as much family as campers. Bottom left is Michelle, next to her is Kelly, then Stephanie, and Karen. Before the camp started I asked Karen to help me remember to take pictures. As I was demonstrating, I found notes at each project reminding me. It really became funny. Thank you, Karen!
I love you all! Knowing each of you has made it so rewarding for me. I knew I would have fun, but I never dreamed the wonderful friendships that would come along with this job. Bless you.

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