Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Embossing Folder Magic!

This little girl is from the same stamp set I posted a couple of days ago,
called Easter Blossoms.
The finished card size is a 4 1/4" square.
How on earth did I get the rectangle sized Tulip Embossing Folder
to give me a square?
Start by putting your card stock into the folder,
lining it up at the top as you would before.
Run it through the Big Shot.
You will see that you have an embossed border on three sides.
Now bring that piece down to the bottom of the folder,
fitting it into the design until you feel it lock into the pattern.
Place it into the Big Shot once again and run it about half way,
then back it out again.
(If you go all the way through, you will flatten the other side of your design.)
Open the folder and you will find that you have a bottom embossed edge!
You could do this technique with other dimensions,
you are not limited to just one size!
Try it!
CASED from Julie Edmunds.

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