Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tooth Fairy - Treat Cup

When showing you the Pieces of Heart Stampers answer to the latest challenge,
I forgot to show you mine.

BoldIt's a little container to hold the tooth in anticipation
of the Tooth Fairy's arrival.
That's exactly what the single stamp is called too, Tooth Fairy!
I added Chunky Glitter and Basic Pearls and Basic Rhinestones to really
'Bling' it up.
On top is one of our Treat Cups with some 'Fairy Dust',
otherwise known as Chunky Glitter.

You need a soft place for that tooth,
so I used our Circles # 2 Die on several pieces of felt,
and sprinkled a little more 'Fairy Dust'.

I guess you could say this is a GREEN project since I repurposed a throw away container.
But I like to think it is more of a PINK project!
I Love My Job!

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  1. Pam - This is so cute. How did I not get a photo of your project at our dinner meeting? I've included on my blog now!