Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Talented Friend - Deana

I am in a monthly 'Buddy Swap'.
How exciting to open this month's envelope and see that the swap I'm receiving is from my friend,
Deana Schultz.
We attended the Branson Regional together recently, and had such a good time.
She is a special person and I just love being around her.
She attended my Demonstrator Stamp Camp last week. Once everyone had left, and I was tidying up, I found this little gem along with a sweet note from her in my stamping room.
It's a birthday cake made with paper covered chocolate nuggets attached to a Styrofoam form. It is just the cutest thing and what a great idea for a birthday gift or baby shower.
It has all kinds of possibilities.
I'm going to be CASING this, Deana!
Thank you!
And thank you for your friendship!

1 comment:

  1. SO Cute Pam! You are easy to love, that's why you have great Friends! I will be casing this too! :)